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Teaching at SMU

The SMU pedagogy is about active engagement in-class, solving problems in the real world, and leveraging on technology. This site lists the approach to teaching from the perspectives of:

  1. Designing a course aligned to desired learning outcomes.
  • What should the students be able to do at the end of a learning period that they could not do beforehand?
  • How do we gather evidence of how well the students have learned what we (the instructors) intend them to learn?
  • Which instructional methods are suitable to achieve the learning outcomes?

2. Delivering a lesson to engage students in deep learning.

  • What are some guiding principles to create an interactive learning environment, in-class and online?
  • What are effective facilitation strategies and assessment methods for in-class and online learning?

There are some guidelines and procedures for teaching at SMU. Be familiar with the resources avaliable on the SMU intranet ("Teaching" tab).

When teaching an existing course, the course outline is available at the Dean’s Office. When teaching a new course, a course outline template will be provided. The university has recommended guidelines on the weightage for different assessment components. Contact your Dean’s Office for queries on school-specific requirements.

Check out the Teaching@SMU Handbook for information related to

  • support for teaching and learning,
  • working with your Teaching Assistants,
  • university examinations policies and procedures,
  • student feedback on teaching, and
  • code of academic integrity.


Last updated on 20 Nov 2018 .