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Emergency Preparedness

The Emergency Preparedness for Teaching and Learning (EPTL) Programme prepares instructors and students for online teaching and learning, in the event of unforeseen emergency situations or prolonged school closure where there are no face-to-face lessons.

Information for Faculty Members

Faculty members who joined SMU on or after 1st January 2017 are required to attend an EPTL workshop and implement the seven online teaching activities by end-December of the next calendar year. For example, faculty members who join SMU on 1st July 2017 shall fulfil the requirements by 31st December 2018. They will indicate the preferred EPTL implementation week for the upcoming teaching term through the Teaching Preference Survey sent out by the Office of Registrar. They will complete a self-declaration survey on their EPTL implementation status at the end of each academic year.

Faculty members who are teaching in the undergraduate programme are required to implement the following seven online teaching activities in at least one class within the academic year*:

  1. Posting materials online;
  2. Contacting students online;
  3. Conducting lessons online (synchronous / asynchronous);
  4. Conducting discussions online (asynchronous);
  5. Giving online assessments (e.g. multiple choice questions, short response questions, fill-in-the-blanks, essays);
  6. Collecting assignments / essays online; and
  7. Grading and providing feedback online.

These seven online teaching and learning activities may be conducted in a single lesson or multiple lessons using technology tools supported by IITS (e.g. eLearn, WebEx, Echo360 and Google educational application). If instructors decide not to use tools that are not supported by IITS, they will need to inform their students accordingly.

Make-up Classes during Public Holidays: Instructors are allowed two options of doing make-up classes: (i) online teaching (through online materials such as videos); or (ii) in-class teaching arranged by the Office of Registrar.

EPTL Task Force: The task force was set up in December 2014 to provide strategic leadership in steering and implementing the EPTL measures in SMU. The task force comprises representatives from each school including the Centre for English Communication (CEC), CTE, and IITS. For queries, please contact your school representative. Click here for the EPTL Task Force. 

Information for Students

Students are informed about the EPTL Programme at the start of each academic year. Students are responsible for ensuring that their laptops are equipped with the necessary hardware and softeware for online learning that are supported by IITS (such as the learning management system, eLearn; webinar, WebEX; and video recording ECHO360). 


Last updated on 23 Apr 2017 .