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Hot Seat Risk Management Game

Project Description

The Hot Seat Risk Management Game is a self-paced digital simulation developed for the Governance and Risk Management course.

Students assume the role of a major decision maker in a simulated case study. Students would have to make decisions at different points throughout the simulation that will have an impact on the finances and various stakeholder relationships. Students choose an objective at the start of the simulation and strive to achieve those objectives throughout their play. At the end of the simulation, they learn how their decision impacted the company and what risks they should have avoided or should have planned for.

Hot Seat is a simulation that provides an interactive delivery of content, while scaffolding the studentsself-study through the use of a controlled environment and structured scenarios.

Teaching Strategy

Instructors can use this simulation as a teaching resource in class. Students can also revisit the simulation and revise this topic at their own pace. 

Contact CTE for access to the simulation.

Last updated on 14 Nov 2018 .