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CSI: Agent on a Mission Customer Service Index

Project Description: A single-player mobile game which empowers students to apply their statistical knowledge acquired from class by immersing them in an "Agent on a Mission" game setting. Students take on the role of a CSI agent and are presented with data at the start of the game, which they analyse and interpret as part of the task to solve a country’s statistical problems. Upon completing a task successfully, they can proceed to another task of greater difficulty.

Motivation:IInstructor was inspired from the Customer Service Index Statistics from the SMU’s Institute of Service Excellence and would to provide opportunities for students to hone their statistical skills through step-by-step, interactive game elements.

Deliverables / Outcomes: The game will be primarily played outside of class time. The feedback during and after the game allows students to review their performance. The instructor also uses the information to adapt her instructional strategies.

Last updated on 17 Apr 2017 .