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Asian Financial Crisis Learning Object

Project Description: A simulation which demonstrates the impact of the Asian Financial Crisis on money markets and exchange rates. Students assume the roles of currency speculators, and Governor, Bank of Thailand. Students conduct research into economic, social and financial policies of selected countries, and discuss actions and consequences of these policies. At the end of the simulation, they learn strategies to address the Asian Financial Crisis.

Motivation: One of the students' feedback was they felt it was challenging to visualize the role of central in intervening directly in the foreign exchange market and its impact on the exchange rate and domestic money market. The simulation was developed to allow students to study the Asian Financial Crisis as it happened in Thailand in 1997. The interactive features allow students to explore changes and interdependence in the economic variables (money suppy, interest rates, exchange rates, growth and employment) 

Deliverables / Outcomes: Instructor can use this simulation as a teaching resource in class. Students can also revisit the simulation and revise this topic at their own pace. 


Project Photos: 

Last updated on 17 Apr 2017 .