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Process Costing Learning Object

Project Description: An online tutorial learning object which uses animations and videos to explain the steps and calculations in process costing.

Motivation: Instructor observed that students find the method of process cost calculations daunting and would like to develop a video to introduce the steps involved through a relatively simple-to-understand example.

Deliverables / Outcomes: The instructor uses the learning object in class as part of students’ coursework. It it also serves as a revision tool where students can monitor their progress and learning needs. Interactive quizzes are embedded in the videos to enable students to self-check their comprehension. At the end of the learning object, students get to practice and review the steps and calculations in process costing using an alternate scenario. Students can revisit the resource after class, or at any time, to revise and review the content and concepts as part of a self-paced lesson.

Project Photos: 

Last updated on 17 Apr 2017 .