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Criminal Law Animation

Project Description: An animation, which feature a re-enactment of a seminal, local criminal case and a discussion of the relevant statutory law provisions. At certain points during the animation, questions pertaining to the case are displayed.

Motivation:Instructor observed that students find the readings to a local criminal case study and details on workings on section 300( c ) of the Penal Code hard to comprehend and relate to, which impede their ability to analyse and apply the legal concepts for the discussion.

Deliverables / Outcomes: The instructors will lead discussions in class using the timed-questions found in the animation. Students are required to review the materials during and outside of class. The animation allows students to choose specific scenes to revisit and is able to track a student’s learning progress through the scenes which he/she has visited. They will be prompted to share their ideas and discuss the relevant law-related concepts at a discussion forum. Students will be assessed on their understanding and analysis of the legal concepts during discussions in class.

Last updated on 17 Apr 2017 .