Accounting Assessment Generator

Project Description
The Accounting Assessment Generator is an individualised assessment generator which generates a series of assignments with varying levels of complexity. Within each scenario, the system can randomly populate with different variables so that students cannot simply reproduce classmates’ answers. Students assume the role of an accountant and assist the business owners in various accounting tasks, such as preparing financial statements and providing financial statement analysis. The system will then email students personalized assessments in the form of informal emails from the business owner.
Teaching Strategy
The instructor uses the tool to create accounts and transactions of a fictitious business.  The assignments serve as trigger points for case studies discussed in and out of class. The application can function as a diagnostic, formative and/or summative assessment tool, and is able to generate a solution template. Instructors will be able to retrieve the solution worksheets for each student.

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  • Associate Professor Themin Suwardy

Project Type:

Single-player Games/Simulations




Personalised Learning