International Economics

Project Description
Advances in adaptive learning technologies have now made it possible to personalise the learning experience for each individual student – targeting improvements in weaker areas, helping with knowledge retention and providing feedback that is “just in time, just enough, and just for me.”
Adaptive digital learning, through adaptive learning textbooks, takes into account current student performance, and adapts accordingly to support, and maximise learning. By design, adaptive digital tools respond to a student’s interactions in real-time by automatically providing personalised instruction based on individual student abilities and learning progression.
Teaching Strategy
The instructor facilitates and monitors student learning by guiding them through the adaptive learning platform. The platform delivers the textbook content and prompts students with questions to assess their comprehension and retention of the material based on their individual learning progressions. 

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  • Associate Professor Tan Swee Liang

Project Type:

Adaptive Digital Tools




Personalised Learning