Mixed Method Teaching (Oct 2020)

MMT Speakers

Due to the pandemic, instructors all around the world have tried various modes of teaching with the purpose of ensuring that learning continues to take place and is not compromised. 

In SMU, due to social distancing guidelines, some instructors chose to adopt the mixed-mode teaching approach, managing two groups of students simultaneously – online and face-to-face. Students are rotated every two weeks to ensure that both groups have equal opportunities to interact with instructors in either mode.

CTE invited SMU instructors, Dorcas, Chris, Yasmin and Patricia to share their experiences, instructional strategies and ways of engaging their students meaningfully. Although the presenters admitted that it was tough and more preparation time was required, they made sure that no student, regardless of mode of instruction, would feel like a ‘second-class’ citizen in their own classroom.

As a follow up to the webinar, CTE would like to share the following resources with you:

  • Slides summarise key learning points from the presentations (Click Here)
  • Access to presentation recording and Q&A responses: 

In addition, you may wish to refer to the Teaching Online Playbook by Harvard Business Publishing Education (Click HERE)