Understanding Students’ Learning Behaviours Through Video Analytics

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This course provides a step-by-step explanation on how instructors can make use of video analytics to analyse students' learning and behavior patterns in video-based learning content.


Intended Audience

  • Instructors who intend to deliver lessons through instructional videos
  • Instructors who are wish to have insights to students' learning and behavioral patterns learning through video-based online content.


Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Access the video analytics tool in eLearn
  • Filter students' learning behaviors by date
  • Understand students' engagement level and learning behavior by analysing the number of times a video is watched and re-watched
  • Track individual student's performance by analysing in the results of the interative video quizzes
  • Analyse the progress of a as a whole through the question analysis


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