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Brown Bag Conversation

The Brown Bag Conversation is a form of Peer Exchange activity where new faculty gather together to discuss challenges and issues they encounter in the course of teaching. These lunch meetings are designed to give faculty an opportunity to network with their peers and learn from one another’s teaching experiences. The next conversation will be held on April 9. Don’t miss it!

Content Development Workshop

The workshop on mind-mapping and concept mapping tools prepares participants on how to organize, process and present ideas and concepts succinctly and effectively. Classroom ideas and the techniques on engaging students in higher-level thinking skills using the mapping tools are shared in the workshop.

Faculty Teaching Forum

The Faculty Teaching Forum held at the start of every new term seeks to orientate new faculty to the SMU teaching culture and pedagogy. The goal of the two-day programme is for participants to explore their own teaching experiences within a framework of effective teaching practice.

Accounting Challenge Mobile Game

Assistant Professor Seow Poh Sun and Senior Lecturer Wong Suay Peng from SOA launched a mobile game. http://smu.edu.sg/centres/cte/?p=2868

Scene-it: Scenario Generator

Assistant Professor Song Jiyoung from SOSS has been working on a “Scenario Generator” for Introduction to Political and Policy Studies (POSC003).

Beyond 2015 – Rethinking Learning in a Changing World

Professor Thomas Menhoff was invited to the above-mentioned international UNESCO conference. http://smu.edu.sg/centres/cte/?p=2359

BEA Sanders/AICPA Innovation in Teaching Award

“Digital Storytelling for Engaged Student Learning” is one of the two honourable mentions. http://smu.edu.sg/centres/cte/?p=2353

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