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Teaching Excellence Awards 2018

The SMU Teaching Excellence Awards are given to recognise and value the importance of teaching as a complex and multi-faceted activity. The teaching awards for undergraduate programmes are given to faculty for their contributions to peer development, student development, innovative instructional approaches, effective pedagogy and course design.

The teaching awards are by no means a one-time acknowledgement of excellence. For the recognised, their value to and influence on the academic community will continue to build from there. Award recipients can expect to be called upon to contribute to SMU’s drive towards quality teaching as facilitators, peer coaches and faculty champions in CTE’s initiatives. Award nominees may likewise be invited to contribute in similar manner.

There are five categories in the SMU Teaching Excellence Awards for undergraduate programmes.
The Distinguished Educator Award recognises faculty members who have demonstrated thought leadership within the SMU community, as well as long-term outstanding contribution to the scholarship of teaching and learning. (This award may not be given out annually)
The Excellent Teacher Award recognises outstanding faculty members who are committed to promoting excellence in teaching and learning, to enhance the quality of classroom experience. The candidate would demonstrate up-to-date knowledge of the field, employs exemplary teaching skills that encourage student engagement, and fosters the holistic development of students.
The Innovative Teacher Award recognises faculty members who make significant contributions to promoting new ways of teaching that have an impact on enhancing learning. The candidate would introduce, develop, and/or promote creative approaches to teaching and learning.
The SMU-X Excellent Teacher Award recognises faculty members who are committed to the teaching of SMU-X courses. The candidate would work with partners from the private, public, or social sector to incorporate experiential activities where students solve real world issues that impact the community and organisations.
The Most Promising Teacher Award recognises outstanding teaching potential among junior faculty members, in particular in the area of providing an enriching classroom experience for students. The candidate would display most of the qualities described in the Excellent Teacher category.
The Outstanding Teaching Consultant / Adjunct Award recognises adjunct faculty members, including CEC teaching consultants, who have made a significant impact on our students in terms of their commitment in delivering the SMU pedagogy. The candidate would show extensive knowledge of his/her discipline, express deep interest in and concern for students' learning, and actively contribute to the transfer of expertise from industry or his/her specialised domain while maintaining a high standard of teaching.
The Honour Roll was introduced in 2016 to recognise faculty members who have received at least three SMU Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Awards.
Click here for the eligibility and criteria information for each award category.

Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Awards Process

Nominees and recipients of the SMU Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Awards, the Teaching Excellence in Postgraduate Professional Programmes Award, and the SMU Executive Development Award with Senior Management at Provost's Annual Address 2017.


Last updated on 18 Jun 2018 .