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Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Awards 2017

Excellent Teacher Nominees

The Excellent Teacher Award recognises outstanding faculty members who are committed to promoting excellence in teaching and learning, to enhance the quality of classroom experience. The candidate would be a faculty member who demonstrates up-to-date knowledge of the field, employs exemplary teaching skills that encourage student engagement, and fosters the holistic development of students.

Innovative Teacher Nominees

The Innovative Teacher Award recognises faculty members who make significant contributions to promoting new ways of teaching that have an impact on enhancing learning. The candidate would be a faculty member who introduces, develops, and/or promotes creative approaches to teaching and learning.

Most Promising Teacher Nominees

The Most Promising Teacher Award recognises outstanding teaching potential among junior faculty members, in particular in the area of providing an enriching classroom experience for students. The candidate would display most of the qualities described in the Excellent Teacher category.

Outstanding Teaching Consultant / Adjunct Nominees

The Outstanding Teaching Consultant / Adjunct Award recognises adjunct faculty members, including CEC teaching consultants, who have made a significant impact on our students in terms of their commitment in delivering the SMU pedagogy. The candidate would show extensive knowledge of his/her discipline, expresses deep interest in and concern for students' learning, and is actively contributing to the transfer of expertise from industry or his/her specialised domain while maintaining a high standard of teaching.

Adjunct for Economics

Adjunct for Italian Language

Last updated on 31 Jul 2017 .