Personalised learning is not a new phenomenon; indeed, some would argue that all learning needs to be personalised for learners to engage with it (Beetham 2005). Effective teaching will encompass catering to the different needs and abilities of different learners. This could mean tailoring instruction and learning tasks to individual students' needs and interests. When learning is personalised, every student engages with the right material and instruction to challenge them appropriately at the right level.

Why form the AUN-TEPL Network?


A survey was administered to all 51 members of the ASEAN+3 University Network in 2018. Given the interest indicated by survey respondents, the AUN Thematic Network on Technology-enhanced Personalised Learning (AUN-TEPL) was formed as a concrete step towards collaboration among the AUN+3 members. This thematic network could tap on the potential synergy and data economies to improve students’ success through technology-enhanced personalised learning methodologies. To further enhance students’ learning experience using technology-enhanced personalised learning, universities in Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)+3, or ASEAN University Network (AUN) can work together by collaborating and forming alliances to leverage the potential of big data.

Singapore Management University (SMU) chairs the AUN-TEPL Thematic Network together with co-leads, Mahidol University (MU) and Universiti Malaya (UM).



To foster collaboration among the ASEAN universities to improve students’ success through technology-enhanced personalised learning.

Key Thrusts:

  • Building capacity amongst participating universities through a series of symposiums
  • Creating a platform for universities to exchange educational tools and content
  • Promoting technology-enhanced personalised learning as an area for inter-university research and projects collaboration

Please access our website for more information about our network.