SMU Education Research Strategy

Message from the Provost

provost education 2023

Since its foundation, SMU has built a strong reputation as an innovator in the local higher education landscape. Hitherto, we have been strategic consumers of knowledge in designing our educational offerings. As the University steps into its third decade and continues to strengthen its standing as a pioneering institution of learning, it is imperative that we become producers of knowledge in education. We aspire for our faculty members to influence and enhance educational practices in disciplinary and interdisciplinary education through research, within and beyond SMU.

To achieve this vision, I appointed the Education Research Strategy Task and Finish Group (T&FG) in June 2022. With representation from each of SMU’s seven degree-offering schools and inputs from colleagues actively involved in education research, the Members of the T&FG worked meticulously to identify the key elements of the Education Research Strategy. This detailed process included identifying our current areas of strength, considering strategic priorities, and aligning with Singapore's national agenda.

The Strategy identifies the "Science and Praxis of Adult Learning" as a strategic education research area for university. In addition, five related themes have been identified as cross-disciplinary focal points for education research, fostering collaboration and innovation.

The SMU Education Research Strategy is designed as a five-year plan, set to be implemented from 2023 to 2027. To realize our vision, we must align resources, capabilities, and activities, as well as leverage our existing strengths. The strategy sets out a series of proposals on how we can accomplish this. More details on the Education Research Strategy can be found in this paper (SMU SharePoint access required), and I look forward to your active involvement in its implementation.

I am very appreciative of the dedicated efforts of the Members of the Education Research Strategy T&FG as well as the many faculty and staff who have contributed to the development of the Strategy. On behalf of the T&FG, it is a pleasure to present this Strategy to the SMU community. I look forward to seeing our collective efforts this area further flourish.

Timothy Clark


Singapore Management University

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