Technology-enhanced Learning



The integration of technology can and should be be viewed as an avenue and tool to facilitate better learning and outcomes of learning.

The SMU Technology-Enhanced Learning framework (see figure 1) is aligned to the educational philosophy of how SMU conceptualises the undergraduate student as an individual, a social being, and a member of community/citizen.

The framework encapsulates how SMU may leverage on technology to enhance a student’s learning by facilitating personalised learning, collaborative and interactive learning, as well as experiential learning through innovation and knowledge production, and participatory learning and action.

Figure 1: SMU Technology-Enhanced Learning Framework

CTE supports faculty members with enhancing teaching and learning productivity through technology-based resources and projects.

TEL Support & Funding

  • SMU Technology-enhanced Learning (TEL) grant: An annual competitive fund where project proposals are reviewed to ensure sound alignment to learning objectives and to steer projects with the potential for wider application across SMU. 
  • TEL Grant Projects: TEL projects that help students achieve learning outcomes in a course by positively influencing their learning behaviour, while enhancing their knowledge construction and social interaction. 
  • EdTech Greenhouse (EDGE) Projects: Identified TEL projects arising from either pedagogical experiments or research labs undergo an incubation process to ensure effective translation to campus-wide IT solutions accompanied with resources to support faculty and students.