Online Courses (DRTL)

Dear SMU Instructors,

Welcome to the ‘Learning on Demand' Online Courses page.

As we enter the next phase of SMU's digital transformation journey, we aim to invest in faculty development by putting in place differentiated programmes to support instructors with varying levels of experience, familiarity, and interest in digital learning. Through these online courses, we hope to create and curate a growing list of “Flexible, Bite-sized, and Modular” learning courses for you. Do check out our new courses from time to time. For all enquires or feedback, please reach out to us at cte [at] Let’s get started on this faculty development journey together!

Note: For instructors new to SMU, you would be required to go through the four Digital Readiness for Teaching and Learning (DRTL) essential courses^ at your own time, place, and pace within the first year of joining SMU. These four courses will provide a broad overview of teaching online in the SMU context before you try out other pedagogical approaches and tools.

  • Introduction to the Community of Inquiry (COI) Framework
  • Delivering Synchronous Online Lessons via Zoom
  • Facilitating Interactive Learning and Formative Assessment via Wooclap
  • Creating Asynchronous Online Learning Videos using PowerPoint

^These courses will replace the Emergency Preparedness for Teaching and Learning (EPTL) Workshop.