Classroom Response Systems (Oct 2018, Jan 2019)

Session Synopsis

Wooclap User Manual

A Classroom Response System (CRS) is a set of hardware or software that facilitates teaching activities. A typical use of a CRS allows instructors to intersperse questions within their presentations to students who would respond either via a handheld transmitter (a “clicker”) or their mobile and computing devices. The instructor would collect the responses, display them usually in charts, and adjust their instructional choices accordingly. The use of such response systems, essentially support educators to create interactive and effective instruction in classrooms (Caldwell, 2007).

In Prasart’s case, he sought to use a CRS to assess his students’ understanding in a less biased manner. Through this approach, he was able to move from making generic statements such as “raise your hand if you know the answer” to providing a platform where all students can provide their own answers as evidence of their own level of understanding. Prasart also provided insights on how instructors should develop their own strategies in using a CRS to match their individual teaching styles as well as to time the use of questions according to their students’ learning pace in class.

Feedback from Prasart’s students on the use of Wooclap, a CRS platform, was largely positive. Students cited examples of how the use of Wooclap at different junctures in class, helped them to better assess their own understanding of the concepts covered. They also appreciated that the way Prasart used Wooclap in an interactive manner to help them be more attentive in class. Please drop us an email at cte [at] if you are keen to try out Wooclap.