Control Plans

Project Description

The Control Plans Blended Learning Object is a self-paced digital resource developed for the Accounting Information Systems course to support personalised learning. This digital resource delivers content using interactive visuals, practical applications of theories and provides self-check quizzes for students to learn at their own pace, at their own preferred time before attending classes. 

Teaching Strategy

The blended learning object will replace the in-class delivery of the topic on control plans to achieve these learning objectives

  1. Describe the control plans
  2. Apply the control plans to achieve the control objectives

The topic covered by the learning object is usually delivered over one hour during class.  The learning tool will enable students to learn on their own and at their own pace.  The one-hour savings of class time will be used to deepen the learning of the topic via class activities such as group discussions.

For access to the project, please contact Centre for Teaching Excellence at cte [at]

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  • Senior Lecturer Wong Suay Peng

Project Type:

Self-paced Digital Tools




Personalised Learning