Corporate Law Learning Objects

Project Description

These two interactive learning objects are self-paced digital resources developed for students in Corporate Law courses.

In the Minority Oppression Learning Object, shareholder litigation is taught via an animated scenario, interspersed with interactivity and self-check quizzes.

In the  Schemes of Arrangements Learning Object, rich visuals and interactive animations are employed to communicate challenging concepts pertaining to shareholder actions.

Teaching Strategy

 The instructor uses the learning object in class as part of students’ coursework. It also serves as a revision tool where students can monitor their progress and learning needs. Interactive quizzes are embedded in the videos to enable students to self-check their comprehension. Throughout the learning object, students are provided with opportunities to put into practice the different methods of analysis on a case study, and are able to self-assess their understanding. Students are free to utilise the learning resource at their own convenience.

Click here to access the Minority Oppression and Schemes of Arrangement learning object.


  • Associate Professor Pearlie KOH Ming Choo
  • Associate Professor LEE Pey Woan

Project Type:

Self-paced Digital Tools




Personalised Learning