CSI Academy

Project Description


The CSI: Academy is a follow-up (and a prequel) to the CSI: Agent on a Mission game developed in 2015. It is a single-player mobile game developed for the Introductory Statistics course. 

This exciting statistical game empowers students to apply their acquired statistical know-how in a game, where they morph into CSI agents traveling in different countries around the world, analysing, interpreting, and solving statistical tasks. With each successfully accomplished checkpoint, they proceed to the next and greater challenge.

Teaching Strategy

The game will be played primarily outside of class time. The feedback during and after the game allows students to review their performance.

For access to the project, please contact CTE at cte [at] smu.edu.sg

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  • Principal Lecturer of Statistics Rosie Ching

Project Type:

Single-player Games/Simulations




Personalised Learning