iDecision Games


Project Description

iDecisionGames is a web based platform driven by Active Learning that allows students to collaborate or compete in real time and automates the administrative  tasks  to allow the instructor to focus on the learning aspects.

The platform allows the instructor to distribute role-specific instructions directly to students on any device and form groups without much effort.


The platform also allows instructors to get real-time insights and aggregated statistics on selected aspects of the students’ performance, thus facilitating the instructor’s discussion with the class on learning points. 

In addition, it aggregates the students' results automatically and can also send customized reports to students to enable them to monitor their performance over time.


Teaching Strategy

iDecisionGames is used regularly where negotiation is the main activity of the class. Prior to the seminar, students are given personalised instructions based on the role they will play in a negotiation simulation. Customised pre-negotiation questions may also have to be completed. During the seminar, iDecisionGames facilitates the grouping of students into pairs to proceed with the negotiation. 

 The end of the negotiation simulation, iDecisionGames will capture their key aspects of their negotiation and summarize them into visuals that can be easily interpreted and discussed in class. 


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  • Associate Professor Dorcas Quek

Project Type:

Team-based Games/Simulations




Collaborative and interactive learning