Revenue & Expenditure Cycle Learning Objects

Project Description

The Revenue and Expenditure Cycle Learning Objects is a series of self-paced digital resources developed for the Accounting Information Systems course to support self-directed learning. These digital resources deliver content using interactive visuals and provide self-check quizzes for students to learn at their own pace, at their own preferred time before attending classes.

Teaching Strategy

The instructor wanted to improve the learning experience for the students by allowing students to learn complex concepts through these learning objects before coming to class. The instructor would be able to reinforce their learning through more effective and in-depth discussions when they meet face to face.

Click here to access the Revenue and Expenditure learning object.

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  • Associate Professor Seow Poh Sun
  • Associate Professor Gary Pan
  • Senior Lecturer Wong Suay Peng

Project Type:

Self-paced Digital Tools




Personalised Learning