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Initiated by the Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE) in partnership with SMU-X Team, SEED serves as a platform where faculty members share their expertise with the SMU academic community in experiential learning and/or its related topics. Each issue of the SEED Digest contains a summary of the presentation by the invited SMU instructor(s), best practices on designing and teaching SMU-X courses, and/or some reflections by their students who took the course. SEED was previously known as Experiential Learning Forum (ELF).


Facilitating SMU-X Courses Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic (2020)


SEED 2020 Banner

SEED 2020 Dr Gordon Perchthold
SEED 2020 Dr Paul Lim


When the coronavirus pandemic erupted, educational institutions across the world had to change. The business-as-usual approaches to teaching and learning will not work with governments imposing strict safety measures ranging from shutting schools, travel bans and lockdowns. Similarly, courses at SMU have gone online during this pandemic. For educators teaching SMU-X courses, the pandemic creates challenges to the interactive pedagogy of project-based experiential learning. It is thereby imperative for SMU-X faculty to embrace uncertainty and be brave in adopting new tools to engage and motivate students and industry partners in these pressing times.

On 18 September 2020, the Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE) and the SMU-X team organised a SEED Webinar titled “Facilitating SMU-X courses amid the COVID-19 pandemic”. The speakers for the Webinar were Associate Professor Gordon Perchthold and Lecturer Dr. Paul Lim from Lee Kong Chian School of Business who shared their experiences on remote teaching for their SMU-X courses.

In his sharing, Paul discussed his experiences with running the ‘Employer Branding for HR’ SMU-X Overseas module in a virtual work versus a face-to-face experience when managing students and industry partners. He also shared about the areas to look out for in enhancing the virtual learning experience.

In his sharing, Gordon presented his approach for transitioning final-year SMU students from university to industry by preparing them with The University Matrix Video Series, and integrating an international course curriculum with the Global Virtual Team experiential learning exercise involving ~6,000 students from 150+ universities worldwide. The ~1,200 teams advise SMEs on establishing a business in a new country. In online mode, Gordon adopted a coaching role by leveraging to create a student-centric webinar environment whereby local SMU students discussed in teams the course content being delivered as daily spoonful of knowledge through 140 LinkedIn Posts for comment by students and industry executives.

To view the recording of the Webinar, please click on this link

To download a copy of Gordon's presentation, click on this link.

To download a copy of Paul's presentation, click on this link.

For support on designing and facilitating SMU-X courses, contact CTE at cte [at] 


SMU-XO: Nurturing Global Citizens Through Experiential Learning (2019)


SEED 2019 Angela Leung
SEED 2019 Chi-Ying Cheung
SEED 2019 Clarence Goh

In this issue of SEED Digest, we feature Associate Professor Angela Leung and Associate Professor Chi-Ying Cheung from the School of Social Sciences (SOSS), and Assistant Professor Clarence Goh from the School of Accountancy (SOA). They shared on their approaches and experiences, and how they overcame the challenges with teaching the SMU-X Overseas (SMU-XO) courses. 

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Strategising Digital Transformation: Creating Meaningful Impact on Student Learning (2018)


Annie Ng & Wong Yuet Nan

In this inaugural issue of SEED Digest, we feature Adjunct Faculty Wong Yuet Nan and Annie Ng from the School of Information Systems (SIS) who shared on their approaches, experiences, and critical success factors with teaching the SMU-X IS425 course, "Managing Information Technology (IT) Systems for Business Value". 

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Comparing Approaches to Experiential Learning: Study Mission to Rural China versus Public Policy Task Force (2017)


John Donaldson

In this second issue of ELF-Digest, we feature Associate Professor John Donaldson, who shared the joys and tribulations of designing and teaching two different experiential learning courses: (1) Study Mission to Rural China and (2) Public Policy Task Force.

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Experiential Learning Through Role-Play Using Films (2016)


Paul Evans

In this inaugural issue of ELF-Digest, we feature Lee Kong Chian Visiting Professor Paul Evans, who shared his experience of teaching a class using the experiential learning approach through role-play using films. 

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