Reviewing Teaching Using Student Feedback

SMU has institutionalised the practice of getting students to give feedback on their instructors and enrolled courses. The purpose is to provide information for faculty members to identify areas where students perceive strengths in their teaching, and areas where improvement can be made to enhance their teaching effectiveness and students’ learning experience. The information is also used by administrators for curriculum reviews and quality improvement, and as one source of input for deciding on faculty members’ promotions, contract renewals, etc.

CTE oversees the collection of student feedback data on undergraduate courses through the mid-term instrument and end-of-term FACETS instrument . FACETS stands for “For Assessment of Continuing Excellence in Teaching”. FACETS, developed by the Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET)/FACETS Task Force and CTE, was implemented in November 2012 (click here for the development process). CTE also collaborated with the SMU-X team to develop a course feedback instrument for SMU-X courses - the FACETS-X instrument was launched in November 2017.

Schedule for the Undergraduate Course feedback Exercise

The course feedback exercise is conducted once in mid-term and once at the end of the term for regular semesters. For Term 3A and 3B, feedback is collected once at the end of the term. Responses are anonymous and collated back-end by the system. Faculty members can access their feedback reports via the SMU intranet after students’ grades are officially released by the Office of Registrar. Reports are available for both a specific class section and the overall course.

Academic Term

Mid-term Exercise
(Mid-term instrument)

End-term Exercise
(FACETS instrument)

Term 1

Week 4 (Fri) - Week 5 (Sun)

Week 11 (Fri) – Week 14 (Mon)

Term 2

Week 4 (Fri) - Week 5 (Sun)

Week 11 (Fri) – Week 13 (Sun)

Term 3A


Week 3 (Fri) – Week 4 (Sun)

Term 3B


Week 3 (Fri) – Week 4 (Sun)

Our support includes:

  • Consultations to discuss emerging trends from the quantitative and qualitative student feedback data.
  • Focus group discussions with students for direct feedback about their learning experience and perceptions of their instructors' teaching, to supplement students' responses in the course feedback exercise.

Faculty members are encouraged to seek feedback from Peer Coaches for a holistic view of their teaching effectiveness.

CTE has also created the following resources to help faculty members get familiarised with FACETS. The materials will be updated periodically. Please contact cte [at] for querie on the resources, or Undergraduate (UG) and Postgraduate Professional Programmes (PGPP) course feedback matters in general.


Integrated FACETS Analytics

The Integrated FACETS Analytics dashboard is a one-stop portal for UG, PGP and PGR stakeholders on course feedback ratings. It comes equipped with features that support dynamic data queries on teaching quality, for such purposes as monitoring, reporting, and recognition. More information is available in our User Guide and FAQ. Authorised users can access the dashboard here.




The Course Analytics Recommendation and Insights System (CARIS) is an action-inducing analytics dashboard based on students’ quantitative and qualitative feedback, designed to help instructors identify ways to build on their strengths and to improve their teaching. More information is available at this link. To access CARIS, click here or select the CARIS app via Inet.