Integrating Technology

The integration of technology can and should be be viewed as an avenue and tool to facilitate better learning and outcomes of learning. The SMU Technology-Enhanced Learning framework (see figure 1) is aligned to the educational philosophy of how SMU conceptualises the undergraduate student as an individual, a social being, and a member of community/citizen. The framework encapsulates how SMU may leverage on technology to enhance a student’s learning by facilitating personalised learning, collaborative and interactive learning, as well as experiential learning through innovation and knowledge production, and participatory learning and action.

Figure 1: SMU Technology-Enhanced Learning Framework

At CTE, we work in consultation with faculty members for meaningful pedagogical innovation and change to:

  • Develop innovative teaching-learning resources (e.g. elearning media content, animations, games, simulations and videos) (see link);
  • Translate innovative research and exploratory projects to campus-wide applications (see link); 
  • Adopt third-party technology tools, adaptive learning textbooks and open educational resources (see link); and
  • Facilitate and assess blended and online learning (see link).

Find out more about the SMU technology-enabled learning strategy, as well as CTE's support in terms of funding, project management, and pedagogical consultation (see TEL Funding page)


Technology attracts fears and expectations. Join us for our workshops and learning circles to deliberate on these issues.

Emergency Preparedness for
Teaching and Learning (EPTL)


EPTL workshops are available to prepare faculty members for online teaching during emergency situations when there are no face-to-face lessons.

Blended Learning


Participants discussing tips and techniques to blend in-class interactions with online learning.

TEL Lunchtime


Participants exploring the use and value of educational tools to develop innovative digital content.

Learning Circles

Learning Innovation FEstival (LIFE)


Participants playing a digital game Co-founders of the North developed by Prof Geng Xuesong (LKC School of Business).